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Forge Worlds[]


Like the Nova Terran Byzantine Empire before it, the shipyards of the Byzantine Imperium are regarded with considerable pride. The ships built by the the shipyards at Mars, Jupiter and other important Forge Worlds are among the toughest ships ever constructed. The warships of the Imperium are designed for durability and power, yet dishing out considerable firepower. These ships are deceptively slow and unmaneuverable; these ships when their directed graviton drives are at full power, coupled with the gravitic inertial drive, are incredibly fast and maneuverable. From the smallest corvette and starfighter, to the largest Retribution class battleships and the mighty Komemnus class Battle Barges, the shipyards are capable of building any ship of any size, and continual improvement means that the Imperial Navy will continue to receive state of the art warships, capable of facing down any enemy.

Weapon Manufactoriums[]

The Adeptus Mechanicus maintains and runs most of the weapon manufactoriums which supply the Imperium's armies and fleets. These manufactoriums are extremely modular and reconfigurable, thus allowing these manufactoriums to be easily reconfigured to manufacture a wide range of products. The manufactoriums are crewed by droids, and various tech magos and engineers oversee these droids. The Adeptus Mechanicus also maintains a redundant supply chain to ensure these manufactoriums are always well-supplied with raw material in times of war.

Education and Research[]


Major universities in the Imperium, from the University of Constantinople to the Technical University of Antioch are all run by the Adeptus Mechanicus with the aim of providing a level of education for all fields of Science and Engineering. Major research takes place in these universities, with the aim of advancing the frontiers of Science for humanity's sole benefit.

Major Research Facilities[]

The Adeptus Mechanicus specialises in all fields of research, with multiple design bureaus, often competing with each other for funding and fame. There are of course the more secretive research institutes specialise in xeno-technology, warp drive design and other military related technologies. Many of these research facilities are found on the Forge World Mars, and other major forge worlds such as Stalingrad.