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The Army of the Centrality is tasked with occupying planets taken by the Marines, or sometimes attack the planets itself. It is the single largest branch of the Centralite Armed Forces, with 2 billion on uniform in 3400, larger than even the vaunted Bragulan Legions. However, the recent emphasis on space warfare taken by the Centrality has lead to plans to halve the Army's size from 3401, to be completed by 3402. By that time the Central Army will number 1 billion troops.





Infantry Weapons[]

AB-185 Assault Blaster

The AB-185 Assault Blaster.

The AB-185 Assault Blaster is to the Centrality what the K-Bolter is to the Bragulans. While a bit less ubiquitous than the infamous Bragulan slugthrower, the AB is the most common energy weapon in existence, with hundreds of billions existing at the last estimate. The first AB model entered service with the Central Army in 3027, and since then has seen many upgrades to its design. The 'vanilla' weapon has three standard fire settings: automatic, semi-auto, and pulse-fire, and can accept a variety of attachments and other accessories. The AB's firepower is variable, has a stun feature, a very large ammo capacity (the average gas cartrige has a total of 600 shots, depending on the firepower setting), and has a very high rate of fire for a weapon of its class.

Land Vehicles[]

MBT-105 "Granix" Main Battle Tank

IFV-137 "Onyz" Infantry Fighting Vehicle

SPA-129 "Daxus" Self-Propelled Artillery

SPAA-120 "Stromo" Sefl-Propelled Anti-Aircraft

Air Support[]

G-143 "Firestorm" Gunship

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