Battle of Bannerman
Date January 3400
Part of Twelfth Battle of Pendleton
Location Bannerman-Acker Gap
Result Coalition victory
  • Overwhelming majority of outgoing traffic from Pendleton successfully intercepted
Coalition Fleet Against Pendleton Free Republic of Pendleton
Clans of Hiigara
  • RADM Kim Paktu

Holy Empire of Haruhi Suzumiya

  • CMD Jacqueline Branch

Nova Atlantean Commonwealth

  • RADM Nikita Daumier

Shinra Republic

  • CPT Peter Scott

Technocracy of Umeria

  • CMD Ananya Hazarika
  • see Order of Battle
Technocracy of Umeria
  • Viking Squadron, Task Force 4.3, Independent Task Force 4
All space forces lost

The Battle of Bannerman is the name given to a series of interception actions carried out in the Bannerman-Acker Gap by elements of the Coalition Fleet Against Pendleton against ships escaping from the Free Republic of Pendleton.

Order of BattleEdit

Coalition FleetEdit

Clans of HiigaraEdit

Hiigaran Home Fleet, 1st Task Force, 2nd Carrier Group, 1st Wing

  • HCNV Black Knight ($350)
  • HCNV Rieger ($320)
  • HCNV Kuun-Lan ($170)
  • HCNV Buckler ($45)
  • HCNV Bulwark ($45)

Fighter Complement for the Black Knight is $150 ($300/2), for the Rieger $10 ($20/2), and for the Kuun-Lan $5 ($10/2).

Holy Empire of Haruhi SuzumiyaEdit

SOS Imperial Navy Pendleton Expeditionary Fleet

8 Wendee Lee class destroyers ($75 value each)
  • HSS Johnny Yong Bosch [flagship]
  • HSS Yuri Lowenthal
  • HSS Danielle Judovits
  • HSS Amanda Winn Lee
  • HSS Troy Baker
  • HSS Laura Bailey
  • HSS Dave Wittenberg
  • HSS Susan Dalian
12 Aya Hirano class frigates ($50 value each)
  • HSS Daisuke Namikawa
  • HSS Showtaro Morikubo
  • HSS Yui Horie
  • HSS Ami Koshimizu
  • HSS Tomokazu Seki
  • HSS Rie Kugimiya
  • HSS Kappei Yamaguchi
  • HSS Romi Paku
  • HSS Aki Toyosaki
  • HSS Yoko Hikasa
  • HSS Satomi Sato
  • HSS Minako Kotobuki

Nova Atlantean Commonwealth of WorldsEdit

Battlefleet Tsunami, Task Group 5

3 Tercio class lance frigates ($50 value each)
  • CNS Alexander [flagship]
  • CNS Naginata
  • CNS Billman
3 Xiongnu class missile frigates ($50 value each)
  • CNS Longbow
  • CNS Amazon
  • CNS Ashigaru

Shinra RepublicEdit

Task Force 26 (augmented)

  • SRS Pioneer (light carrier: $120 value; $60 of gunboats embarked; 300 troops embarked) [flagship]
  • 2 Endurance class frigates ($40 value; 300 troops embarked)
  • 6 Luna class corvettes ($25 value; 300 troops embarked)

Technocracy of UmeriaEdit

Independent Task Force 4

Task Force 4.1; Task Force Base of Operations, CMD Hazarika commanding from Directrix

USS Directrix ($60 light cruiser; turret/torpedo ship with extensive command and control facilities)
USS San Dorado ($30 frigate; light turret/torpedo ship flying close escort for USS Cornucopia)
4 AGP-6800 class Cutter Tenders (20$ ultralight carrier for $10 of gunboats, each carrying 12 ELINT, 4 customs, 4 pursuit)
  • USS Nantucket
  • USS Catalina
  • USS Jersey
  • USS Guernsey
USS Cornucopia (Fleet fast UNREP ship, superfreighter size class, effectively unarmed)

Task Force 4.2; Detection and Early Warning Wing

48 Corsair-J ELINT cutters
Subordinate formations (each consisting of 12 ELINT cutters from one of the AGP-6800s):
  • Alpha Squadron, 12 Corsair-J
  • Beta Squadron, 12 Corsair-J
  • Gamma Squadron, 12 Corsair-J
  • Delta Squadron, 12 Corsair-J, incl. CG-85484 "Heavenly Body"
(each squadron keeps five cutters on station, four in transit, and three in maintenance at all times.)

Task Force 4.3; Interception Wing, CDR Bob Copeland commanding from CG-88312 "Shooting Pains"

16 Corsair-C pursuit cutters
16 Corsair-F customs cutters
Subordinate formations (each consisting of 4 customs and 4 pursuit cutters from one of the AGP-6800s):
  • Viking Squadron, CDR Bob Copeland commanding
  • Leopard Squadron
  • Piranha Squadron, LCDR Audrey Cardwell commanding from CG-81364 "Greyhound"
  • Oglon Squadron

Defending FleetEdit


  • At least one frigate (PRS Magnolia)
  • Undetermined number of smaller fleet elements

Notable IncidentsEdit

PRS MagnoliaEdit

Centralite 5th FleetEdit

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