Short form:

The Centralist counterpart to COMINTERN.

Long form:

[Note: terms capitalized in the following explanation are technical terms, which do not mean exactly the same thing to a fascist that they might mean to a non-fascist]

The Centralist International is an alliance of political movements scattered across human space that can be described as falling under the broad heading of "Centralism." From a political-science standpoint, Centralism is a subtype of fascism, with most of the typical traits of that school of political theory. The member parties of the International vary in their adherence to the details, but are similar enough that they can usually agree to disagree on second principles in light of their agreement on first principles.

In general, a CENINTERN member party's doctrine will revolve around the quasi-mystical idea of national Will or Spirit; in keeping with the prominent role of esper abilities in the Centralist ideology's namesake state, this Spirit is frequently described in psychic terms. Some parties even hold that psychic abilities are a natural expression of racial Will overriding the very laws of the universe, and/or that the gradual spread of esper talents are a sign that the human race is collectively evolving toward some kind of godlike psychic unity which will allow the national Spirit to take concrete form in reality. However, these positions are not espoused by the International as a whole.

The fundamental unit of consciousness associated with the Will is the State: an organic community characterized more by the People and their culture than by physical boundaries and infrastructure. To properly express the national Spirit, the State must be run along authoritarian lines, preferably governed by a small centralized Party of individuals best suited to interpret the abstract demands of the national Spirit in practical terms. Again, this is often viewed through the esper-heavy lens of the Centrality itself, with the claim that telepaths are uniquely suited to perceive the gestalt of the People's collective mind.

Centralists (again, in general) advocate an end to divisions of economic class, to organized religion, to materialism, and to the practice of 'coddling' citizens by shielding them from want and stress (as is common in many advanced galactic societies). All these things, they contend, detract from the realization of the national Spirit, albeit in very different ways. Centralist parties are generally militaristic, believing that the Will and Spirit are at their highest and purest pitch in times of heroic national struggle- and, conversely, that pacifism leads to predictable decay of the Will and Spirit in a nation, just as they lead to decay of purely individual will and spirit in an individual lacking in martial virtues.

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