Hiigara SectorEdit

Location: Z-19

Khar-toba, Hiigaran Sector

Status: Capital and Homeworld of the Clans of Hiigara

Systems: Hiigara Prime, Sobanis, Kushan, Khar-toba, and Tanis

Hiigara was the first Earth like planet that the Exiles found while fleeing the chaos and devastation that proceeded the Diaspora.


S'jet SectorEdit

Location: AA-19

S'jet Prime

Status: Core system and Scientific center of Hiigaran society

Systems: S'jet Prime, Karos, Thaddis Sabbah


Naabal SectorEdit

Location: Z-18


Status: Core system and home of the Hiigaran's most prestigious and largest shipyards

Systems: Naabali Prime, Tiir, Jaakul, Haarsuk


The Paktu SectorEdit

Location: AA-20

Financial district, Paktus

Status: Core system and "Wall Street" of the Hiigaran Clans

Systems: Paktus, Salt Sea, Hunon, Chak


The Shining HinterlandsEdit

Location: Y-19
Asteroid Hab

Asteriod Habitat

Status: Mid-range sector and home of the Manaani Kiith "The Wanderers"

Systems: Ferin-sha, Jora, Albegiido


The Vaygr ReachesEdit

Location: Z-20

Primary city of Gehenna, suspended above a lake of lava to prevent the Karlacks from tunneling

Status: Mid-range sector and the center of the Karlack defense line

Systems: Chimaera, Gehenna


The Aarran SectorEdit

Location: AA-18
Space Gas Station

Last gas station between the HCZ and the Lesbos Zone

Status: Mid-range sector and jumping off point towards coreward space

Systems: Eye of Aarran


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