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The governmental agency of the Centrality responsible for conscripting and training ESPers in Centralist Space, the Center of Special Abilities is perhaps the most powerful governmental entity of the Central State, second only to the Party itself, given that the Centrality's ESPer rulers are keen to groom a new generation of leaders to take over. The CSA controls everything regarding ESPers, from their registration to their training, though once the Party's ESPer Assignment Council sends them to work in other Centers, the CSA's involvement becomes more of an advisory and support role. Nevertheless, the CSA's influence in the govenrment means it can play "Kingmaker" in important decisions. It is the CSA that controls the Centrality's ESPer research, with their secret experiments to "improve" the ESPer population of the Centrality being notorious for it's amorality by those aware of it. They are also responsible for developing anti-ESPer devices and ESPer amplifiers, and have a long tradition in designing these technologies.