General Secretary of the Centralist Party Viso FredonEdit

"When you have the power to appoint people, it is very easy to choose who you want."

Secretary of State Falko TredellEdit

"Nothing upsets me more than power gone to waste."

Secretary of Foreign Affairs Tagdef BorlonEdit

"A stranger can be a threat depending on how you react."

Foreign Secretary Ravin NostrumEdit

"Everything can be used to your advantage...or disadvantage."

Secretary of War Cracus VompeyEdit

"Only war can create a true hell."

Party President and Centrality Dictator Dirad KiergerEdit

"Being the leader does not mean being invincible, as my late predecessor learned."

Secretary of Special Abilities Fandra OffenEdit

"ESP is our pride and joy, our very identity."

Secretary of Economics Asurina Lipuri Edit

"You can't have a State without money. Money makes everything possible."


Chief of the Navy Staff Noslen YeslahEdit

"As Navy chief, I've seen many moments when politics trumps military neccesity. But then, we are not supposed to call the shots. "

Chief of the Army Staff Derec SordelEdit

"The Army is not just a job factory! You join the Army, you assume responsibility for defending the State!."

Chief of Marines Trina VuleEdit

"Yep, I know you're thinking how a woman got to lead the Marines. Deal with it."

Security and IntelligenceEdit

Secretary of Internal Security Hokay ZatanEdit

"Comply or I sic the police on ya!"

Director of the Central Security Bureau Natre LayuEdit

"Pain is good. Pain keeps you existing."

Director of the Central Intelligence Service Hoover GatesEdit

"Good agents are a luxury these days. I'd beg for just one good spy."

CSB Head Agent Ardolt XinEdit

"Any tool can be used to protect the State."

CSB Senior Agent GirderEdit

"Appearances are crucial for your survival."

Party Supervisor Filex PascomEdit

"Supervising is harder than it sounds."

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