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General Secretary of the Centralist Party Viso Fredon[]

"When you have the power to appoint people, it is very easy to choose who you want."

Secretary of State Falko Tredell[]

"Nothing upsets me more than power gone to waste."

Secretary of Foreign Affairs Tagdef Borlon[]

"A stranger can be a threat depending on how you react."

Foreign Secretary Ravin Nostrum[]

"Everything can be used to your advantage...or disadvantage."

Secretary of War Cracus Vompey[]

"Only war can create a true hell."

Party President and Centrality Dictator Dirad Kierger[]

"Being the leader does not mean being invincible, as my late predecessor learned."

Secretary of Special Abilities Fandra Offen[]

"ESP is our pride and joy, our very identity."

Secretary of Economics Asurina Lipuri[]

"You can't have a State without money. Money makes everything possible."


Chief of the Navy Staff Noslen Yeslah[]

"As Navy chief, I've seen many moments when politics trumps military neccesity. But then, we are not supposed to call the shots. "

Chief of the Army Staff Derec Sordel[]

"The Army is not just a job factory! You join the Army, you assume responsibility for defending the State!."

Chief of Marines Trina Vule[]

"Yep, I know you're thinking how a woman got to lead the Marines. Deal with it."

Security and Intelligence[]

Secretary of Internal Security Hokay Zatan[]

"Comply or I sic the police on ya!"

Director of the Central Security Bureau Natre Layu[]

"Pain is good. Pain keeps you existing."

Director of the Central Intelligence Service Hoover Gates[]

"Good agents are a luxury these days. I'd beg for just one good spy."

CSB Head Agent Ardolt Xin[]

"Any tool can be used to protect the State."

CSB Senior Agent Girder[]

"Appearances are crucial for your survival."

Party Supervisor Filex Pascom[]

"Supervising is harder than it sounds."