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The Royal House Kithandra:[]

Kara Kithandra: Her royal Majesty, Queen of the Hierarchy, grand battlemistress of the Hierarchy fleet. Kara is only recently ascended to the throne and appears to still be growing into the role of queen, the eldest daughter of Naya Kithandra the previous ruling monarch her other full sisters are Mela and Tia.

Mela Kithandra: Mela is Kara's Shadowmistress, responsible for all the more secretive elements that are under the direct control of house Kithandra such as research station 13 and the External espionage service.

Tia Kithandra: Mistress of Foreign affairs. Tia Travels a lot and has seen more of the galaxy than most other members of the Hierarchy as she frequently visits foreign nations on business.

Satia Kithandra: Mistress of Bragulan affairs. Satia is the ambassador to Bragule and a half sister to the queen, due to the bonds of family such nepotism is fairly usual in the Hierarchy.

Matriarchs of the Council.[]

Matriarch Chirra of House Doon.

Matriarch Tiamarra.

Matriarch Nin.


Battlemistress Sesh, 2nd battlegroup.

Battlemistress Melusine, 1st battlegroup.

Battlemistress Eshe, 4th Battlegroup.

Battlemistress Nian, 6th battlegroup.


Shiran, head of department at station 13.