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The Chimera Subsector is a remote southern part of the area of space commonly referred to as the Koprulu Zone. On standard galactic maps it is designated as U-29/V-28. Bordering the Cevaukian Ascendancy and the United Solarian Sovereignty, but with a hefty dose of Bragulan, Imperial and Karlack influence, it is home to several minor species in various stages of technological development, and thus despite its remoteness of some significance to the overall long-term balance of power in the Koprulu Zone. The subsector is dealing with several issues: not only are the polities that call the subsector home trying to deal with the various external forces that wish to influence the course of affairs in the subsector for their own gain (notable amongst whom are the Bragulan mafiya, Solarian megacorporations, and the various crime-rings of the Cevaukian Ascendancy), but there are also matters of contentention between the denizens of the subsector. As such, the Chimera Subsector is a potentially very rewarding, but also potentially very volatile area of space, even by K-Zone standards.



The bright, outgoing Conch are short marsupials, rarely taller than a meter, with a superficially primate-like anatomy and an outward appearance not unlike that of Terran squirrels. They have three fingers on each hand and a thumb on either side of the fingers, all of which end in short, thick claws, ideal for climbing on rock faces and holding purchase on unstable ground. They have a prehensile tail, and rather than cranial hair a system of "dreadlocks" which are also prehensile, and much stronger and dexterous than their flimsy appearance would imply.

The Conch homeworld, Conch Key, is a warm and friendly place, heated both by its relative proximity to its sun and the turbulent volcanic activity of all young worlds. Its people are peaceful and not very conflict-minded, and were exploring space with natively developed Heim Drive technology when they ran into the first Solarian strikestar patrol. In the years since First Contact, the Conch have become the primary partner of the Sovereignty in the Chimera subsector, offering the USSF a fleet anchor over their homeworld in exchange for hyperdrives and other galaxy-standard technologies. However, despite having formed a sort of partnership with the Sovereignty, the Conch frequently find themselves concerned about the heavy-handed approach to conflict resolution preferred by the Solarians. They tend to express this concern in tongue-in-cheek protests which, oddly, seem to work far better in attraction actual attention in the Sovereignty than the armed revolts that take place on the Sovereignty's own fringe territories.

Exodite Apexai

The Chimera subsector is home to a handful of Apexai worldships which, having fled the destruction of their homeworld by the Bragulan Star Empire, now eke out an existence on the fringes of this area of space. The exodites are possibly even more arrogant than their cousins who fled to the Sovereignty, and lust for vengeance against the Bragulans and, in particular, their Imperator.








Valhalla A remote human colony mostly unknown to the galaxy at large, Valhalla is ruled by Lord Mordecai Moonbeam the 267th. Bragulan hitmen have attempted at several times to whack the eccentric lord in order to take over his world, but a bodyguard of elite Thanagarian warriors (the so-called 'Hawk Men') have thusfar managed to prevent the mafiya from succeeding.