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Directorate War
Date 288X - 290X
Part of Imperium-Tau War, The Great Crusade
Location Holy Empire of Haruhi Suzumiya, Tau Dead Sectors
Casus belli Directorate encroachment on Haruhiist territories
Result Decisive Haruhiist victory
  • Destruction of the Directorate government
  • Annexation of Sara and Umoja Sectors
  • Entry of the Holy Empire into the Great Crusade
  • Large-scale retreat of Tau forces to home sectors
Holy Empire of Haruhi Suzumiya Tau Empire
Haruhi Suzumiya Tau Empire
  • unknown


  • Fonse Kagatie†
  • Chronicle Asher†
  • Richard Daniel Eden†
  • Alexander DuGalle†
  • Gennadiy Stukov†
unknown Tau Empire
  • unknown


  • unknown
unknown Tau Empire
  • unknown


  • unknown

The Directorate War was a military conflict concurrent with the Imperium-Tau War, where the Holy Empire of Haruhi Suzumiya fought against the forces of the Tau-backed Directorate. The war is most notable for being the entry point of the Holy Empire into the Great Crusade.


The Origins of the Directorate[]

The polity that would eventually come to be known as the Directorate was founded in the aftermath of the Neo-Britannian War, when exiles from the defeated Holy Empire of Neo-Britannia settled down in Sectors P-22 and Q-22 during the 2630s. Life in this part of space remained relatively quiet until the end of the Zeon-Zodiac War in 2795, when exiles from what used to be the Zeonic Federation, ZATO, and the Sanc Confederacy arrived and demanded asylum.

First Contact with the Tau[]

The Holy Empire's first contact with the Tau was shortly after the end of the Zeon-Zodiac War, when a Tau trading fleet was greeted by SOS Imperial Navy forces in what used to be ZATO space. Relations between the Tau and the Holy Empire were also cordial at first, with the Tau willingly offering some of their own technology to the Haruhiists. Tau missionaries were also allowed to come and proselytize their faith, though the Greater Good ultimately did not take much hold on the Haruhiists.

Like the Imperium, the Holy Empire was just as perplexed by the Tau's refusal to allow humans to visit their core worlds. Intelligence-gathering efforts by ISIS soon confirmed reports from the Byzantines that the Tau were maintaining large and technologically advanced armies within their core worlds. Empress Haruhi quietly made a decision to covertly build the SOS Imperial Armed Forces back up to their strength levels at the end of the Zeon-Zodiac War as a contingency against a possible Tau offensive; while the impending Imperium-Tau War would ultimately demonstrate that even those forces would not be enough to halt a dedicated Tau invasion, the decision would still pay off in the long run when the Directorate would finally come calling.

The Coming Storm[]

The Directorate War[]

First Strike at Tauron[]

Defense of the Ragnar and Ophiuchus Sectors[]

Hints of a Greater Conspiracy[]

Tau Involvement Revealed[]

The March to Moria[]

The Fall of Umoja[]