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The Fynn Sector, known as Sector X-13, is the home of a number of small nation-states, none controlling more than a planet, in-system bodies and a couple extra-solar planetoids or moons as colonies. Though they have access to interstellar drive technology, they generally lack the financing to expand into nearby sectors. The Sector does enjoy constant investment, however, for the same reason it remains independent to this day; it lies between the French Empire and the United Kingdom of New Anglia.

Fynn Sector Nations[]

Fynn System[]

The Kingdom of Fynn[]

Capital: Altair

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy governed by mixture of English and European Common Law

Head of State: HM Charles IV Patrick, King of Fynn, Duke of Salamand

Head of Government: Julio Kasan, Chancellor of the National Assembly, First Minister of HM Government

Territories: Entire System of Fynn, plus three extra-solar colonies, none larger than planetoid.

Population: 9 Billion

Ivalice System[]

The Noble Republic of Ivalice[]

Capital: Archades

Government Type: Constitutional Elective Monarchy governed by English Common Law

Head of State: HRH Larsen I Solidor, Elected King of Ivalice and Prince of Archades

Head of Government: Theodore Pallion, President of the Senate

Territories: Entire System of Ivalice

Population: 8 Billion

Janus System[]

The Grand Duchy of Tyconia[]

Capital: Carwen

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy governed by European Common and Civil Law

Head of State: HMG (Her Majestic Grace) Reina II Lucilla, Grand Duchess of Tyconia, Princess of New Ruthenia

Head of Government: Premier Bartholomew Dragovich

Territories: Two Continents on Janus, Janus' Moon, multiple planetoids and asteorids in the system's asteroid field

The Republic of Jieshi[]

Capital: Guoxing

Government Type: Representative Federal Republic, governed by Jieshi customs and informed by Cascadian Common Law

Head of State: President Shen Juo-Ki

Head of Government: President Shen Juo-Ki

Territories: Two Continents on Janus, ten asteroid colonies, one lunar colony at habitable moon of main gas giant

Arabica System[]

Inhabited Bodies: Main Planet Arabica, Arabica's Moon, Terraformed Moon Felixa around system's main gas giant

The Sultanate of el-Janari[]

Capital: Karghad

Government Type: Traditionalist Monarchy governed by Velerian Islamic Law

Head of State: HM Mohammed VI al-Bhaggara, Sultan of el-Janari

Head of Government: HRH Prince Khaleel al-Bhaggara, State Minister and Heir-Apparent

Territories: Main Continent of Arabica, 33% of Moon, 50% of Gas Giant Moon

The Valkyrate Matriarchy[]

Capital: Freyaholm

Government Type: Traditionalist/Feminist Monarchy governed by European Civil Law adapted to fit militant Feminist Ideology

Head of State: HM Rikke I Skarsgard, Matriarch of the Valkyrate and National Protector of Womenfolk

Head of Government: HG Kara Myhre, Duchess of Gotland and Secretary of State

Territories: New Denmark and Scythia, twin island-continents separated by Straits of Hippolyta, islands in Straits, 33% of Moon, 25% of Gas Giant Moon

The Republic of Cornelia[]

Capital: New Cornelia

Government Type: Federal Republic governed by Anglo-American Common Law

Head of State: President Jenna Cornell

Head of Government: President Jenna Cornell

Territories: 75% of Secondary Continent of Arabica, 33% of Moon, 25% of Gas Giant Moon

Territories were once part of the Kingdom of Cornelia, the major power of the system, but a Republican revolt in the 3380s against the dictatorial policies and behavior of "King Stephen the Great" and victory in the resulting Civil War led to most of the territories of the Kingdom coming under a new Republican government based upon US and British constitutional guidelines. The current President, Jenna Cornell, is of the Cornelian royal family and was fifth in line to the throne at the time of the revolt, but she backed the Republicans and now leads the Conservative Reform Party of the Republic. The Capital of New Cornelia was built around the ruins of the town of Plattsburgh, where the major battle of the Civil War was waged.

The Kingdom of Cornelia[]

Capital: Cornelia

Government Type: Authoritarian Monarchy governed by English-derived Civil Law

Head of State: HM King Stephen I "Magnus"

Head of Government: HRH Princess Sara, Crown Princess of Cornelia, Grand Duchess of the Royal Isles

Territories: 25% of Secondary Continent, Arabica's only major island chain, ten mining asteroids and planetoids

The remnant territories of the once system-dominating Kingdom of Cornelia. The remnant nation - having lost most of its holdings in the solar systems and being reduced to the old capital of Cornelia, surrounding countryside that remained Royalist, and the Royal isles - is in a major economic downturn excaberated by poor fiscal policies in the years leading up to Princess Sara's de facto takeover of her father's government. Under the Princess' intelligent, if occasionally iron-fisted, rule, the Kingdom may yet turn around economically, but it is never likely to climb back into prominence in the system.

Hobbs System[]

The Principality of Mystria[]

Capital: Mist Landing

Government Type: Traditionalist Monarchy governed by English Common Law

Head of State HRH Edwin IX Damayan, Prince of Mystria

Head of Government: Prime Minister Alexander Payton

Territories: Half of Main Continent, all of Mystrian Island-Continent and Argentia Archipelago, Various Mining and Resource Colonies on lunar bodies in-system

The Technocratic Republic of Karnak[]

Capital: Karnack

Government Type: Central Republic governed by technocratic Constitution

Head of State: President-Doctor Michael Middleton

Head of Government: President-Doctor Michael Middleton

Territories: Quarter of Main Continent and eighth of Secondary Continent, Half of the Moon, Mining Colonies on two planets in-system

Free Cities of the Hanseatic League[]

Capital: Neu Bremen

Government Type: Federal Republic governed by representative democratic Constitution

Head of State: President Gotthard Heinrich Lettman

Head of Government: Chancellor Albert Sanger

Territories: Eighth of Main Continent and eighth of Secondary Continent

The Free Nations of Asimovians[]

Capital: New Hope

Government Type: Direct Democracy of Artificial Intelligences and Uploaded Organic Beings governed by Constitution

Head of State: Assembly Chairman Horace Eckstein Industries Database Manager V. 20.4 ("Horace Eck")

Head of Government: Approved Directive Manager Alice Breastbleeder ("Alice")

Territories: Eighth of Main Continent, Three-Quarters of Hobbs' Main moon, half the main asteroid field

The Nations of Asimovians consist almost entirely of computational intelligences, either original artificial intelligences, AI-created "offspring" intelligences, or formerly-organic beings who uploaded their minds into a computer network with interstellar communications access. The Asimovians named themselves after 20th Century science fiction writer Isaac Asimov as a note of respect to the ancient writer. While some AI-dominated states have shown callousness, even contempt, for "organics", Asimovians believe in eventually uniting Hobbs and the entire Sector into a grand federated democracy of both computational and organic beings. That said, they are not naive toward the attitudes and follies of "organic persons", particularly their current Head of Government, who is a refugee AI who uploaded herself by hypercom into the Asimovian network to flee from her prior existance as a BDSM sex toy in Shroomania.

The Kingdom of Alexandria[]

Capital: Alexandria

Government Type: Traditionalist Monarchy governed by Constitutional Common Law

Head of State: HM Garnet XI Alexandros, Queen of Alexandria, Princess of the Eastern Meridians

Head of Government: Prime Minister Beatrice Komnenos, Countess of New Corcyra

Territories: Three-Quarters of Secondary Continent and Eastern Meridian Island Archipelago, some mining colonies in-system

United Enclaves of Gilead[]

Capital: Liberation

Government Type: Confederated Republic of self-ruling Communities governed by Constitutional Common Law based on Hedonist principles

Head of State: President Elizabeth Mason

Head of Government: Vice President Jacob Mason

Territories: Tertiary Continent (Gilead) and one chain of tropic islands

The Enclaves of Gilead are a hypertolerant society that permits multiple lifestyles to exist in semi-independent self-ruling enclaves scattered around the planet's Tertiary Continent, named "Gilead" by the settlers, and the Shroomanian-settled "New Gayman Islands" about a hundred and ten miles off the northeastern coast of Gilead (now devided into the New Gaymans Enclave and the Sapphos enclave). The mostly tropical continent lends itself to tourism for the Gileans, sex-tourism being especially desirable due to the many lifestyles accommodated by various enclaves. The United Enclaves' restrictions on lifestyles are of the barest kind, with only age of consent rules enforced on a national basis, along with the Federal Police and Rights Commission which ensure that the particular lifestyles of any one enclave do not cause said enclave to deny rights to their inhabitants or visitors. Due to their weak federal government and a general lack of productivity aside from specialized agricultural goods, the Enclaves of Gilead are without major influence on Hobbs or through the entire sector, though they enjoy the military protection of some of their neighbors, particularly Mysteria.

United Equatoreal Federation of Islands[]

Capital: Luca

Government Type: Federal Republic governed by Constitutional Common Law

Head of State: President Jan Simmons

Head of Government: Vice President Agatha Crestmere

Territories: Three distinct island chains along the Equator, the largest consisting of islands equivalent to half the Philippines of Earth