The Goujia Moshushi are the state employed magicians of Tianguo. It is considered a uniformed service to the state, with all the privledges such status enjoys (such as Prisoner of War status, fast tracking to citizenship, etc). It provides training in Moshu, to those with the aptitude for it. Frequently agents are farmed out to other agencies, as that is frequently the best way to combat rogue ESPers.


The Goujia Moshushi does not technically have enlisted. The lowest rank is Si Deng Shiguan Zheng (in other words, a warrant officer). This results in rampant rank inflation, such that the commander is a Da Yuan Shuai, similar to the commanders of the actual military services. Clerical work is generally undertaken by un-enlisted civilians. The Goujia Moshushi considers Warrant Officers to rank below CGOs, unlike other services.


There is generally no required entry age. Training is known to have commenced as late as the age of 500. It is unknown for someone experienced with other forms of ESP to successfully complete training as a Moshushi.


Primary duties are the neutralization of rogue ESPers. Secondary duties are the training of Moshushi, and the protection of the Sovereign. Virtually all practicioners of Moshu have been trained by the Goujia Moshushi, however, most leave the service after around 10 years.

Order of Battle

Type Manning Training Equipment Total Cost
Goujia Moshushi 1.15 million $80/million 1.5x 138
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