Government PersonnelEdit

Lord FairfaxEdit

The Lord Protector of the Grand Dominion. Came to power after several centuries of misule under the prior "David of Fairfax" regime. As far as the public is aware he was discovered in a COG facility in the Allegheny Asteroid Belt, but in reality was "Quantum Leaped" to this universe by Dr. Blitzschlag. Is married to Lady Alizabeth Bhatt from the "battleship" universe.

Dr. BlitzschlagEdit

Head of the "Special Industrial Group". Dr. Blitzschlag has an axe to grind with Q, although for reasons that are not yet clear. Blitzschlag has mastered the "Q-tech" of Quantum leaping, and brought Lord Fairfax back to this universe to provide a stable polity so he can pursue his vendetta against Q. Created Agent Wade, President Frederick, Vlad, and various other crimes against nature.

Lord CorbinEdit

With the restoration of the legislature comes the restoration of political parties. Lord Corbin heads up the Librul party.

Sir Benton MacKayeEdit

Foreign Minister of the Grand Dominion.

Military PersonnelEdit

Space Marshal ReinschEdit

Head of the Joint War Staff, participated in the coup against David of Fairfax and the civil war that followed against the Latin Patriarch's forces.

Grand Admiral EarlEdit

Along with Reinsch and Mercure, the last of the Amplitur War vets in office. Earl is the CNO of the Dominion Star Fleet.

Field Marshal MercureEdit

In charge of the ground forces of the Dominion.

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