The history of New Anglia is, up until the Great Upheaval of the 23rd Century, the history of Great Britain. After the Socialist victory in the British Civil War and the Royal Exodus to the colony on New Anglia, the history of Britain and of the Kingdom diverged.

The Fall of the United Kingdom of Great BritainEdit

The Upheaval BeginsEdit

Civil WarEdit

Bitter Defeat and the Monarchy's Last HopeEdit

The Dawn of the Anglian KingdomEdit

The House of Windsor-Stuart: The Marriage of King William and Charlotte of LiechtensteinEdit

New Anglia and New France - Ancient Rivalries RekindledEdit

The Kingdom's Borders Settled: Early Relations with the Alien NeighborsEdit

The Kingdom at WarEdit

March of the Hawkmen: The Thanagarian WarsEdit

The Great Thanagarian WarEdit

The Coming of the DilgrudEdit

The Dilgrud WarsEdit

The First Dilgrud War (2950-2964)Edit

The Fall of Thanagar and the Invasion of the Ionian WorldsEdit

2950-2954: Anglia's Darkest HourEdit

At Great Cost, the Tide Turns: The Battle of New Wales and the Death of King George XIV in BattleEdit

2954-2955: The Kingdom RecoversEdit

Counterattack!: The Battle for Doreia and the Death of King George XV in BattleEdit

2956-2957: The Liberation of the Trill and DoreiEdit

2958-2961: The Thanagar CampaignEdit

2961-2963: Mutual ExhaustionEdit

Victory or Death: The Battle of LatiumEdit

2964: The Hyperspace Treaty Ends the WarEdit

The First Interbellum PeriodEdit

Peace: Necessary, But UnsatisfyingEdit

King George XVI, Emperor of Thanagar and of the DoreiEdit

The Liberal-Labour CoalitionEdit

Recovery Fails and The Lean Years: 2970-2990Edit

The Dilgrud Rebuilding Efforts and the Tau ExilesEdit

The General Election of 2986: The Imperial Union GovernmentEdit

Free But No Longer Sovereign: The Sampson Memorandum Ends Trill IndependenceEdit

New Anglia Rearms and Other Developments in the Kingdom's DefenceEdit

Dilgrudar Prepares For VengeanceEdit

The Second Dilgrud War (2993-2996)Edit

Takrainian's ArmadaEdit

2993: The First BattlesEdit

Outpaced by Technology: The Dilgrud Strategy FailsEdit

2994-2995: Naval StalemateEdit

Crowninshield's Grand Fleet - The Recovery of the Royal NavyEdit

The Greatest Battle of Our Time: The Grand Fleet and Great Armada Clash at MakturEdit

The Byzantine Ultimatum: Emperor Takrainian Finds a ScapegoatEdit

Vengeance From the Grave - The Tau PlagueEdit

Nothing Left to Lose: The Peace of 2996 and Takrainian's DeathEdit

The Second Interbellum PeriodEdit

The Dilgrud Empire: BrokenEdit

Lost Opportunity: The Peace Breaks the Imperial UnionEdit

Exploiting the Dilgrud ConcessionsEdit

The Fourth Millennium Dawns - New Anglian Recovery and the Rise of EmpireEdit

Unfinished Business: Dilgrudar Delenda Est!Edit

The Bombardment of Etherea: Emperor Hortasnian's ErrorEdit

The Third Dilgrud War (3013-3016)Edit

The Etherean Cause as Excuse: Parliament Declares WarEdit

The Dilgrud Imperial Fleet Surrenders the FieldEdit

Emperor Hortasnian's Decree of ResistanceEdit

3013-3015: The Conquest of the Dilgrud Colony SectorsEdit

Bloodbath: The Invasion of the Dilgrud Home SystemsEdit

3015-3016: The Conquest of DilgrudarEdit

No Honor In Extinction: Emperor Tugaliar SurrendersEdit

The Peace of DilgrudarEdit

The Empire Ascendant - The End of the Dilgrud WarsEdit

Celebration Sweeps the KingdomEdit

King George XVI, Emperor of the Anglian SystemsEdit

"A Savage and Beastly Species" - Anglian Policy Regarding DilgrudarEdit

The Long Peace BeginsEdit

The Long PeaceEdit


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