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Haruhiism on Earth Edit

Haruhiism after First Contact Edit

The Founding of the Holy Empire Edit

The Great Upheaval and the Diaspora Edit

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The Neo-Britannian War Edit

First Contact at Aigburth Edit

Defense of the Reach Sector Edit

Counter-Offensive Edit

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A Brief Respite Edit

The Zeon-Zodiac War Edit

A Call for Mediation Edit

Negotiations in Bad Faith Edit

The Wrath of Haruhi Suzumiya Edit

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Another Momentary Peace Edit

The Great Crusade and the Directorate War Edit

Main article: Imperium-Tau War
Main article: Directorate War

New Threats: The Bragulans, the Chamarrans, and the Pfhor Edit

Assisting the Young United Solarian Sovereignty Edit

Repelling the Chamarran Threat Edit

First Contact with the Pfhor Edit

Modern History of the Holy Empire Edit

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Karlack Marauders on the Fringe Edit

Belka: A Potential Threat? Edit

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