The INR is one of the premiere centres for research into ESPers, psychics, or whatever else you want to call them. Thanks to their expertise with genetics, the Altacarans have long had plenty of experience with dealing with people with these unique abilities, and by and large they are an accepted fact of life - some people are athletes, others are telepaths, and still others are telekineticists. Aside from matters of safety, privacy and such, psychics are welcome to carry on as normal, with key locations and people (including those with enough money) protected by "null fields" that block ESP abilities. Naturally, Altacaran "null" technology has been on the market for quite some time, and can be found in most parts of the known galaxy.

Among the key people and places protected by null fields are the Royal Family, all senior members of the government (including both Houses of Parliament), and all armed forces personnel. Many businessmen and women also have null fields around their offices and the like. Unfortunately, whilst such technology is powerful and commonplace, it is not of unlimited power, and there are some rare and powerful individuals (or failing that, groups of weaker individuals) who can overwhelm null fields. It goes without saying that the INR is the scene of a neverending arms race between those seeking to increase the abilities of psychics and those working on improving null field technology.

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