The Navy of the Servian Republic is actually little more than the Navy of the Reunited Kingdoms renamed. The legal name for the force, is the Navium Populusque Arda for it is responsible to and in service of the Peoples of Arda. It follows the lineage and history of the former organization though radically changed in the last few centuries in particular by the jump to spaceflight instead of planet bound operations. That shift which occurred beginning in the 5th Century of the Fourth Age or the 30th century of the Common Era on Earth coincided with the massive upheaval known as the Great Discord after which governance was reformed under the Servian Constitution and the Navy placed in service to the same. The Navy is formally in the charge of the Praetor for Naval Affairs, subordinate to all Consular Tribunes and potentially subordinate to the various Consuls depending upon a host of circumstances.

Organization Edit

The Navy of the Servian Republic consists of a headquarters staff comprising all relevant function heads including Administration, Intelligence, Plans & Policies, Logistics, Communication, and Medical. All serve under the direction of the Vice Chief of Naval Operations. The remaining departments report directly to the Chief of Naval Operations, the senior elected Military Tribune, and include the following elements:

Training and Doctrine Command Edit

Training and Doctrine Command is responsible for the recruitment, initial qualification, and continuing professional development of all levels of the Navy. This includes operating the Basic Training School, Officer's Candidate School, and all Rating specific training programs. Additionally the command runs and operates the the Naval Command and General Staff College and the Naval Warfare College. These two institutions allow for officers principally from the Navy but from other services as well to study an intensive 12 month program in the basics of naval warfare at the ship or squadron level and a capstone course in integrated naval strategy at the fleet level respectively. The head of both the training and doctrine departments are each elected Military Tribunes while the combined office is headed by a uniformed officer selected by the Praetor for Naval Affairs.

Operations and Logistics Command Edit

Operations and Logistics command is responsible for operating all elements of logistical support not directly tied to base facilities including supply distribution and allocation. This is also the policy making branch of the Navy responsible for promulgating for review and acceptance the articles governing daily operation of the naval force. The head of this division is the bi-annually elected Military Tribune for Naval Operations.

Information Support Division Edit

This is the technology support branch of the NPQA whose purposes is to leverage technological advances to better support warfighters and to defend networked assets from intrusion by hostile forces. Operationally this is the cyber-warfare division of the NPQA. Furthermore the ISD is also charge with defense and counter-defense of ESP and related fields, while there has been no confirmation that the blood of the firstborn resides in many members of this community they are often endowed with such gifts.

Fleet Command Edit

This includes all combatant forces within their current reporting structure. Fleet Command does not have operational control of these units during wartime as that is devolved to the relevant Consul, Proconsul, or Military Tribune charged with taking offensive action. Composition of standard forces is noted below.

Grand Fleet Edit

2x Galactica class UH

4x Targon class UH

16x Hibernia class SH

12x Challenger class H

94x Portia class M

12x Potemkin class CV

1st Alae Edit

3x Tremaine class UH

3x Targon class UH

10x Hibernia class SH

32x Challeneger class M

10x "Potemkin" class CV

2nd Alae Edit

3x Tremaine class UH

3x Targon class UH

10x Hibernia class SH

32x Challeneger class M

10x "Potemkin" class CV

Patrol Command Edit

  • 1st Patrol Group
  • 2nd Patrol Group
  • 3rd Patrol Group
  • 4th Patrol Group

Personnel Edit

Officers Edit

Pay GradeO-1O-2O-3O-4O-5O-6O-7O-8O-9O-10O-11
Insignia US Navy O1 insignia US Navy O2 insignia US Navy O3 insignia US Navy O4 insignia US Navy O5 insignia US Navy O6 insignia US Navy O7 insignia US Navy O8 insignia US Navy O9 insignia US Navy O10 insignia US Navy O11 insignia
Title Ensign Sub-Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Commander Commander Captain Commodore Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral Fleet Admiral

Enlisted Edit

Enlisted personnel in the NPQA are identified by both their rank and their rating. The rank represents command seniority while rating is indicative of job specialty the device for which is part of the rank insignia for all Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers

Pay Grade E-1 E-2 E-3 E-4 E-5 E-6 E-7 E-8 E-9
Insignia No Insignia NPQA-E2 NPQA-E3 NPQA-E4 NPQA-E5 NPQA-E6 NPQA-E7 NPQA-E8 NPQA-E9 NPQA-E9Command NPQA-E9Fleet
Title Seaman Recruit Seaman Seaman Apprentice Petty Officer, 3rd Class Petty Officer, 2nd Class Petty Officer, 1st Class Chief Petty Officer Senior Chief Petty Officer Master Chief Petty Officer Command Master Chief Petty Officer Fleet Master Chief Petty Officer
Abbreviation SR[1] S SA PO3[2] PO2 PO1 CPO SCPO MCPO CMCPO[3] FMCPO[3]

Ships Edit

Ships are organized in to one of three parent groups, the Home Fleet, The Response Division (comprising 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Fleets), and the Patrol Division (Comprising twelve patrol task forces).

Typical Formations Edit

Patrol Group Edit

5x Hibernia class SH

48x Portia class M

4x Potemkin class CV

Order of Battle Edit

Galactica class Ultra Heavies ($1100 ea): 2
   Tremaine class Ultra Heavies ($650 ea): 6
   Targon class Ultra Heavies ($500 ea): 10
   Hibernia class Super Heavies ($250 ea): 56
   Challenger class Heavies ($150 ea): 76
   Portia class Mediums ($80 ea): 286
   Potemkin class Carrier ($90 ea): 48
   Rio class Gunboats ($.5 ea): 1500

Notes and references Edit

  1. SR is indicated as a neutral rate, other field would designate an E-1 differently such as AR for Airman Recruit
  2. The PO abbreviation would be replaced with a rating appropriate code such as HM3 for Hospitalman's Mate 3rd (Medics)
  3. 3.0 3.1 Command and Fleet Command Master Chiefs do not show a rating device but rather utilize the star in its stead
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