Oaxtoatotol ŁichííEdit

Oaxtoatotol, literally meaning “First Atotol” (Atotol's being a pelican like bird; the name for the bird has been applied to diplomats due to their tendency to give gifts to other members of its species, and to attack those who do not reciprocate), is the title of Łichíí, a Moxi who is the head of the Atotolapan (“Atotol Ocean;” the Diplomatic Corps). Łichíí is an extraordinarily strong-willed woman, named for her brilliant red plumage. Her parents are rather low-key, with her father being a technical engineer, and her mother a geneticist. She joined the Atotolapan at the rather young age of 6 (note: Moxi mature extremely quickly, reaching adult size at age 3 and finishing adolescence between 5 and 8). She has steadily raised in rank, proving herself to be capable at political games among her fellows and in dealing with the diplomatic issues between the planets and with other nations. She presents the public face of the NenAltKik to alien races.

Governor BiahwiEdit

Governor Biahwi is the military governor over Hweyixal, the colonial world conquered by the NenAltKik several decades ago. He dealt with the coup attempt upon that planet in the capital city of Matsegi that occurred in 3400, an event currently being resolved in the storyline.

Twektyao TepozEdit

Tepoz is the Twektyao (“Lord of Battle,” ie General) that is of the heads of Ximotlakotili, acting as the head of the counterterrorist unit (the Xinmahwakat; “Against-Terror”), which was transferred from the Kwatlatoxli, and is thus still subject to military command structure, as opposed to the police structure of the Ximotlakotili. He is responsible for security and counterterrorism throughout the entire NenAltKik. Tepoz has been the Twektyao of the Xinmahwakat for 23 years and was active in keeping many important military projects secret, including the Mo-itlapaltayomixi.


Hweykwali-acalli TizokikEdit

Tizokik is the former Kenkahweykwa-acalli (Head Admiral) of the Kwi-Acalli (Navy), who was fired by the Eealtepekali, but was reinstated to pilot the Mo-itlapaltayomixi.

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