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Her Excellency, Susan Nishibori, Chancellor of the Nova Atlantean Commonwealth of Worlds[]

The Right Honorable Jun Smith, Prime Minister of the Nova Atlantean Commonwealth of worlds[]

The Honorable Stepan Xiaowen, Commonwealth Minister of Foreign Affairs[]

Military Figures[]

Administrator-Prime in his Official Male Body


Administrator-Prime is an Honorific rather tha a Name. It is the official title of the Head of the Unconventional Warfare Corps. Much of the Information about Administrator-Prime (including biological gender, something that the Administrator changes with slightly less regularity than most people change their clothes by swaping bodies) is highly classified, although he is a Posthuman. But anyone who attains this status is a master of political science, administrating the various activities of his branch of the military as well as insight in regards to various aspects. The Current Administrator-Prime has held the posistion for forty years. While most of Administrator-Prime's activities happen behind a desk, anyone who would be stupid enough to engage "him" head on would find out how effective the Top of the Line bodies that are issued with the posistion are.

High Imperator John Markov[]

"Remember this in Battle. No soldier needs to be reminded of the perils presented by fear, but be just as mindful of rage, bravado, spite and malice. You have objectives to complete and they will be completed. Do what must be done: no less or no more. Should we give into those darker base aspects of ourselves, at best we will be saved from our monumental stupidity by luck or kindness of our more intelligent fellows in arms. At worst we would succeed despite being compromised and, like the Byzantines, degerate into a depraved loathesome monstrocity."

Supreme commander of the Commonwealth Army, famously commanded a force of six legions against a Centralite force five times that size to victory.