A mysterious organization founded by Dovan Aybeem before the Centrality was created, the Order of the Black Star originally was a secret society dedicated to expand and defend Centralism. It was composed largley of ESPers, and the original "Dovan's Heirs" came from this group. The Order became the Centrality's main vehicle to expand the Centralist ideology, and had a reputation of being fanatical to the point of worshipping Centralism, an unconfortable fact to those Party members who dealt with the Order's members. As the Centrality grew, the Order remained behind the scenes, weeding out Party members it deemed "uncompliant" with Centralist ideology, but as time passed, the Order found it more safe to rely on inderect methods. It also began to recruit from non-Centralist territory, even non-humans, albeit in great secrecy and usually in Third World nations.

Today the existence of the Order is a highly-kept secret, as the Order itself made sure of eliminating anyone who was suspected of blowing the whistle. Only the highest-ranking Centralite officials are even aware of the Order's existence, and fewer can make the connection between the Order and the Centrality. The Centralist government officially denies the Order's existence, and foreign intelligence agencies has only heard few rumors about a powerful organization behind Centralist policy. It is the Order that is behind the funding and support of Centralist organizations throughout the interstellar community, though it prefers to use CENINTERN as a proxy. The Order's greatest enemies are the Sisters of the Silver Moon, as the OBS's discreet efforts to expand Centralism in the Lesbo Zone and the Spin Zone were sabotaged by the OSM, and the OBS never forgot such humiliation.

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