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Order of Battle[]

  • 4,500,000,000 Horde w/ Basic Kit (Pfhor Army Regulars, 500,000 per $1 base cost, x1 Kit Modifier) [$9000]
  • 1,000,000,000 Conscript w/ Basic Kit (Pfhor Marine Corps 200,000 per $1 base cost, x1 Kit Modifier) [$5000]
  • 20,000,000 Elites w/ Elite Kit (Imperial Guard, 30,000 per $1 base cost, x3 Kit Modifier) [$2000]

Total Expenditures: $16,000

The Regular Army[]

The backbone of Pfhor surface operations are the innumerable masses of the Pfhor Army. Poorly-trained and oftentimes even more poorly-led, the one thing the Pfhor Army has going for it is sheer numbers: with over four billion souls under arms, the Pfhor rely on long, tedious campaigns that grind the enemies of the Emperor to dust under the sheer weight of the dead. Pfhor history has shown this to be an unimaginably brutal, if effective way of doing things.

The average soldier in the Pfhor Army is a conscript; it is the duty of the feudal lords to offer some of their serfs to the Imperial war machine every year. Likewise, the vast majority of commissioned officers are petty nobles, who either purchased their commissions or were sent to the military by more powerful family members. Volunteers are more likely to be sent to serve in the Marines or Navy, as these are (slightly, in the case of the Marines) more glamorous posts, and therefore "more deserving" of "motivated souls".

The life of a conscript, like most other Pfhor, is brutish and short. The complete training program lasts a mere three months, wherein conscripts are trained in the basic workings of the various weapons they are expected to encounter, how to wear their combat armor, the proper way to dig a trench, and not much else. The Pfhor philosophy on this matter is that most training should take place in the field, under enemy fire. Still, the training they receive is better than that of the private armies of most feudal lords (which is barely worth mentioning), and Pfhor troops en masse have proved time and again over the course of their bloody past to be a force to be reckoned with.

Conscripts serve eight-year contracts, with a further two years in reserve duty, before being fully repatriated to their lord again. Conscripts are allowed to volunteer for additional tours of duty, and many of those that survive do - for it's better to be miserable with a gun than miserable without.