C-C-C Combo Wars
Date 304X - 33XX
Location RAR Zone
Eoghan United Commons
Nova Atlantean Commonwealth of Worlds
Eoghan United Commons
  • unknown

Nova Atlantean Commonwealth

  • unknown
Paul Theodorus (First War; deposed at war's end)

Philon Tate (Second War; killed at war's end)

Unknown (Later Conflicts)
Eoghan United Commons
  • unknown

Nova Atlantean Commonwealth

  • unknown
Eoghan United Commons
  • unknown

Nova Atlantean Commonwealth

  • unknown

The C-C-C Combo Wars were a series of conflicts between the EUC and the NAC on one side and the Centrality on the other that began in the early 3040's and ended in the 34th Century. Of these only the first two stand out: the first is outstanding mostly because it was the first, while the second was the most bloody and hard-fought war of the RAR Zone. The later "conflicts" were nothing more than skirmishes, but they remained the state of affairs in RAR Space for a few centuries before the Non-Aggresion Treaty ended all outstanding conflicts between the EUC-NAC alliance and the Centrality. The C-C-C Combo Wars dominated the RAR Zone discourse before then, and powers from other Zones planned accordingly based on their own interests and goals. The popular view of the "democratic" EUC and NAC facing off against the "fascistic" Centrality is not too far off, considering that the Centralists started out (for once!) as the offending party.



Paul TheodorusEdit

Philon TateEdit

Eoghan United CommonsEdit

Nova Atlantean Commonwealth of WorldsEdit

The Right Honorable Jessica XiaofenEdit

Foreign Reactions and ActionsEdit

Before the WarsEdit

The Rise of Paul TheodorusEdit

A New Great PurgeEdit

The Founding of ShimorEdit

Shimor and the EUCEdit

A Commodore's ProvocationEdit

The First War (August-October 3042)Edit

Clash over ShimorEdit

Theodorus Decides on WarEdit

Early MovesEdit

The First Battle of ShimorEdit

Eoghan CountermoveEdit

Operation By His OwnEdit

Paul Theodorus Falls from PowerEdit

The Second War (3079-3081)Edit

A Vengeful Central PartyEdit

Philon Tate Consolidates PowerEdit

Centralist Preparations and Eoghan WorriesEdit

The Centrality Strikes BackEdit

First Year: Mixed Sucess and StalemateEdit

Second Year: Centralite Blunders and NAC InterventionEdit

Tate Declares "Unrestricted Warfare"Edit

Third Year: A Furious UNEdit

Anti-War Coup and Central Party InfightingEdit

The Assasination of Philon Tate and His SuccesorEdit

Anti-War Faction Seeks ArmisticeEdit

The Radical Interventionists On TrialEdit

Later ConflictsEdit

The Centrality's Isolation EndsEdit

Disputes and SkirmishesEdit

Proxy Wars and New AlliancesEdit

The Commune's Stance- A Fourth "C"?Edit

Foreign Reactions and ActionsEdit

ICR Civil War and "The Three C's"Edit

The Non-Aggression TreatyEdit

Changes in the CentralityEdit

The Influence of Trade...and Foreign PressureEdit

Diplomacy's Triumph and Final PeaceEdit


The Centrality Comes Out Of Its ShellEdit

A Wary But Prosperous CommonwealthEdit

The Eoghans Enjoy The PeaceEdit

New Players and Old FriendsEdit

Effects on the Interstellar CommunityEdit

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