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Third Gallian War
Date 14 February 3400 - present
Location Gallian continent, Halkeginia, Belka Sector, Koprulu Zone
Casus belli East Gallian invasion of West Gallia
West Gallia
Belkan Empire (military advisors and other mercenary forces only)
United Solarian Sovereignty (presence of military advisors unconfirmed)
East Gallia
Numerous mercenary forces (Volkslanders, rogue Belkans, et cetera)
Bragulan Star Empire (presence of military advisors unconfirmed)
West Gallia
  • Cordelia de Randgriz
  • Maurits van Borg
  • Eleanor Varrot

Belkan Empire

  • Orbert Jager
  • Hayate Yagami
East Gallia
  • Maximilian Gaius von Reginrave
  • Berthold Gregor


  • Andre Olivieri
  • Milosz Sulejmani

The Third Gallian War, often referred to simply as the Gallian War in the media, is an ongoing conflict taking place on the Gallian continent on Halkeginia, an independent planet located in the Belka Sector of the Koprulu Zone.


The world of Halkeginia was initially settled by exiles from the former Zeonic Federation, Zodiac Alliance Treaty Organization, and Sanc Confederacy during the general colonization of the modern-day Belka Sector in 2796, shortly after the conclusion of the Zeon-Zodiac War. While the other four planets of the sector eventually formed the core of the Principality of Belka in 2804, Halkeginia remained independent. Its unified planetary government barely lasted three decades before the Halkeginian Civil War broke out in 2823; when it ended in 2833, several micronations had emerged from the ashes, the largest of which eventually evolved into the Gallian Empire.

The Gallian Empire stood at peace for just over half a millenium, but a dispute between the Gallian noble houses of Randgriz and Reginrave over the line of succession to the Gallian imperial throne led to the Gallian Civil War (First Gallian War) in 3346, which ended in 3354 with House Reginrave assuming power and House Randgriz electing to secede and form its own nation, the Principality of Gallia. Thus, the stage was set for the abortive Gallian Unification War (Second Gallian War) of 3355-3575, which ultimately involved every other micronation on Halkeginia. While East Gallia had made significant gains by seizing territory from West Gallia and its allies Tristain and Azadistan, it had failed in its objective of reunifying the two Gallias under its own rule; a truly massive demilitarized zone soon emerged along the redrawn East Gallia-West Gallia border, and it was behind this line that the two Gallias began a massive build-up for the seemingly inevitable resumption of hostilities...

Combat Operations[]

The Initial Invasion[]

The Siege of Emmeloord[]

Air Raid at Texel[]

The West Gallian Counteroffensive[]

The Siege of St. Vith[]


Involvement by Mercenaries and Other States[]


Type East Gallia West Gallia
Infantry Weapons B-11 K-bolter, BQ-98 battle rifle, HAR-152 hypervelocity assault rifle, Rybynk mini bragpistol, SQ-16 service pistol, AB-185 assault blaster, BP-267 blaster pistol, M25 phased plasma battle rifle, B-NET K-cannon, GPRB-109 general purpose repeating blaster, TJQ-95 GPMG B-11 K-bolter, RA-10 assault rifle, M17 gauss pistol, Rybynk mini bragpistol, M11 Diamondback High Standard plasma pistol, M25 phased plasma battle rifle, M116 phased plasma assault rifle, M281 phased plasma battle rifle, B-NET K-cannon, M78 phased plasma infantry gun
Anti-Vehicle Weapons DD-359 Zhen quadrole missile, M17 Bisento, M26 Zanbato, M42 Nagamaki, RL-87 rocket launcher M17 Bisento, M26 Zanbato, M42 Nagamaki, M52 Naginata, M83 SADAR
APCs/IFVs Wvojtyek Utility Half Track, Combat Wombat, M23 Puma Combat Wombat, M23 Puma
Tanks Varangian Rus, Kyrbrz Medium Tankski, M109 Yamabushi Varangian Rus, M59 Ashigaru, M71 Sohei, M109 Yamabushi
Aerospacecraft Hresvelgr, various Belkan aerospace fighters (Drachen, Freiheitskämpfer, Gespenst, Taifun, Terminator) Various Belkan aerospace fighters (Drachen, Freiheitskämpfer, Gespenst, Taifun, Terminator)