Planetary Defence ForcesEdit

Expeditionary ForceEdit

Game Info

  • 7000 points for 240 million troops and related equipment.

Union DragoonsEdit

2244Mobile Infantry

Warsuited Union Dragoons.

Game Info

  • 30000 troops per point, 3x kit multiplier
  • 5000 points for 50 million troops and support assets.

Autonomous Planetary ForcesEdit

Game Info

  • 3000 points for infantry analogues, ADAUs, ATCUs, etc.

Autonomous Theatre Control UnitEdit


Top view of the ATCU Daybreaker


A Glint-type ADAU observes the ATCU Daybreaker

  • Hexapodal vehicle nearly 650 metres tall controlled by specialist programs that can, in concert, mimic intelligence without the hassles of actual sapient thought.
  • Primary armament:
    • Six anti-orbital railguns (two three-gun batteries)
    • Thirty 392-cell vertical launch systems (11 760 cells total)
  • Defensive armament:
    • Two quad hi-laser emplacements
    • Eight 18-cell SAM launcher emplacements
    • Sixty interceptor laser emplacements
    • Numerous emplacements at ground level and on the underside, including pain ray emitters, shock fields, plasma shields, grenade launchers, and lasers
    • Extensive ECM, ECCM, and sensor suites
  • Twelve full-length runways for aerospace smallcraft and accommodations for aerospace shuttles
  • Four 100-metre catapults
  • Accommodations for the equivalent of up to 25 000 troops and up to 516 smallcraft (nominally occupied by integral aerospace and troop complements)
  • Integral troop and aerospace complements are directly controlled as extensions of the ATCU's specialist programs.

The ATCU Ginormous Shitbird, the most recently produced ATCU, takes on an entirely different configuration and approach to theatre control. An umbrella-like structure nearly a thousand metres tall, it is engineered primarily by Mirakarm Planetary Systems. Engineers from MADNESS Aerospace developed the massive anti-gravity system that enables it to hover at any altitude, where its dizzying array of hi-lasers can engage point targets at hideously long range.

Autonomous Dynamic Assault UnitEdit


An Aaliyah-type ADAU

A building-sized yet freakishly agile combat robot. The most current model is designated Stasis, but older models, such as Aaliyah and Solitaire remain in service. It is rumoured that the Verdant planetary defence force operates several Aaliyah-type ADAUs.

  • 5 point vehicle including assistant gun and recon drones
  • Pain ray emitters
  • AGP-1328 shock field generator
  • AIP-1333 interceptor plasma projector system
  • ADD-1335 defense field generator
  • AED-1359 electronics warfare suite
  • Autoloading 4-cell multifunction missile launcher with hypercapacity magazines
  • railgun with hypercapacity magazine, multiple special ammunition types
  • Heavy laser
OAH-1390 "Aaliyah"
  • 1× AIP-1338 hypercapacity VLS OR 1× AGP-1381 high-calibre railgun.
  • 1× AIP-1377 railgun with hypercapacity magazine, multiple special ammunition types.
  • 1× AIP-1367 hi-laser OR 1× AIP-1379 railgun.
  • Three independently-targeted heavy lasers
  • Disintegrator gun
  • Enhanced powerplant
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