An extensive semi-private organization in the Technocracy of Umeria, the Waterville Institute's mission statement explains that it exists "for the advance of the field of parapsychology, the refinement of the mental faculties, and the use of esper abilities for the betterment of all intelligent life."

The Institute provides grants for a significant fraction of all parapsychological research done in the Technocracy, runs a number of specialized academies that often set the standards expected by state licensing requirements, and keeps a network of clinics open on all major Umerian worlds which provide a variety of services, particularly psychiatric therapy and testing for psychic abilities.

The Institute is rumored to have ties to Umeria's Foreign Intelligence Directorate or portions thereof. It is well known that the Institute has ties with the Improvisational Syncretist Church, Umeria's largest disorganized religion, but the full extent of these associations has not been revealed and the government feels little reason to make an issue of the matter.

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